Previous Deans

Faculty of Sciences & Technology

The first Dean for the College was Professor Yassin Osman Al-Najoumi, Professor of Chemistry. He led It from 1993 to 1997. In 1997, the College was renamed the Faculty of Science and Technology and its programs were changed from a four-year bachelor's degree to a five-year system.

Below is a list of the deans:

Prof. Yassin Osman Al-Najoumi 1993-1997

Prof. Badruddin Khalil Ahmed 1997 - 2005

Prof. Osama Ali Yassin 2005 - 2009

Prof. Abdel Moneim Mohamed Saadaby 2009 - 2012

Prof. Moawab Mohamed Al-Amin 2012 - 2016

Prof. Marwan Khaled Good Morning 2016 - 2017

Dr. Ammar Mohamed Ismail Mariod 2017 -2019

Dr. Ragaa Satti Mohammed Abadi 2019 up to date