Deanship of Scientific Research

About Deanship

The Deanship of Scientific Research was established in 2007, in order to encourage and organize scientific research at Al-Neelain University, in addition to carry out studies and research for the benefit of both private and public sectors.

The Deanship has developed several distinct activities with the aim of strengthening Scientific Research at the University through:

  1. Funding research.
  2. Rewards.
  3. Awards.
  4. Contract studies.
  5. Providing incentive for participation in seminars and conferences.
  6. Encouragement of scientific publishing.
  7. Refereeing of scientific and teaching books.


Setting up a distinguished system for scientific research that contributes to and strengthens the relationship between the University and community, in addition to investing in the talents, abilities, and scientific potential.


To spread the culture of scientific research; to establish its values; to develop the capabilities; to provide a supportive environment, and invest in human and social resources.


Strategic Objective 1: Enhance research excellence to advance Al-Neelain University to a highly regarded world-class university.

Strategic Objective 2: Strengthen collaboration and partnerships with world-leading research institutions.

Strategic Objective 3: Contribute to building a knowledge-based community and provide scientific services to industrial and growth priorities in Sudan.

Strategic Objective 4: Enhance research environment for researchers and the research operation at the University.

Strategic  Objective 5: Realize a reasonable degree of stability of financial resources for scientific research.

Strategic Objective 6: Enhance the supporting administrative system to scientific research in terms of competency and efficiency.

Strategic  Objective 7: Provide and leverage a scientific research infrastructure in accordance with the best global practices.