Neelain Institute for Engineering, Technology and Computer Researches (NIETCR)

About Center or Institute

The Institute was established in 2015 as one of the University's plans for the development of scientific research and community service, it has a legal personality with academic, administrative and financial independence, and has structural and organizational chart.

Institute’s vision and clear message is the Scientific and excellence

leadership in research, planning and evaluation to ensure quality and

building strategic partnerships with various research institutions to

serve the community. The institute consists of 12 centers which

Al Neelain Center for Modern Agriculture Researches
2.           Renewable and Alternative Energy Researches Center
3.           Electronic Knowledge Society Researches Center
4.           Software Development Researches Center
5.           Earth Sciences for Sustainable Development Researches Center,
6.           Biotechnology Researches Center
7.           Agricultural Productive Student Researches Center
8.           Data networks and communications Researches Center
9.           Water Researches CenterAnchor
10.      Strategic Engineering and Industrial Studies Researches Center
Statistical and Demographic Studies Researches Center
12.      Environmental Studies Researches Center
The Institute also awards master's degree for graduate students in related disciplines of engineering, technical and computer sciences and their applications with practical training that deepen  the knowledge and skills of students to keep abreast of developments and the needs of the labor market.

The Institute aims to provide scientific, industrial, economic and technical service to the society through providing research, consulting and training services for faculties’ members, researchers and students and related institutions in various fields of technical sciences, engineering and computer sciences for every related specialists locally, regionally and globally.


Scientific and research leadership and excellence locally, regionally and globally in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science as well as related consultancy services.


Planning and evaluation to ensure the quality and international standards and to be a reference Institute for Scientific Consulting in the field of engineering, technology and computer researches, and building of strategic partnerships with various research institutions, to service the community.


The Institute aims to serve the community in terms of providing research and training services by raising knowledge and research and academic efficiency and the development of manpower training, qualifications and conduct scientific research for faculty, researchers and graduate students in various fields of engineering and technical sciences, computer and each specialists locally, regionally and internationally