Al Neelain Stem Cell Center

About Center or Institute

In the past, researchers worked to find cures for all kinds of illnesses so that people might live pain-free lives. In recent years, stem cell science emerged as a cutting-edge scientific technique that physicians and scientists believed would put an end to chronic diseases that were currently incurable. As a result, many centers for stem cell research and treatment were established in most developed nations around the world. All of the body's organs are composed primarily of stem cells, which have the capacity to proliferate and regenerate as well as the capacity to differentiate into different cell types. Most human tissues have these cells in a location that is specifically set aside for them.


To transfer the stem cell technologies and clinical safe applications/protocols from developed expert worldwide stem cell laboratories to Alneelain Stem Cell Center for treating incurable diseases in Sudan.



To develop  the medical services in Sudan, through stem cell researches  and application of cell therapy and regenerative medicine and to revive the spirit of team work in the medical and the educational institutions.


  • To establish the first stem cell center in Sudan at Alneelain University.
  • To conduct stem cell researches in Sudan that provides significant services.
  • To apply safe and successful researches for treating diseases.
  • To collaborate with the educational and health institutions as  teamwork to transfer stem cell therapy techniques.
  • To participate in the field of stem cells globally.
  • To collaborate and transfer the up-to-date knowledge in the field of stem cells from the international centers to Alneelain Center.
  • To train the researchers through courses and workshops in the center.
  • To establish a special biobank of the center for the preservation of tissue containing stem cells.
  • To learn researchers, how to conduct good and safe clinical trials based on ethical consideration.
  • To collaborate with educational and health institutions as teamwork to transfer stem cell therapy techniques.