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The ICT center should be unique and unique in its field of specialization and meet the requirements of the university and society.


The ICT Center seeks to be technically distinguished through the adoption of international quality standards to qualify competencies in different disciplines capable of effectively contributing to building a knowledge society.
 It works to provide information and communication services and is known for its high technical capabilities and best application of available resources
 and its ability to deliver telecommunications services And information technology at the highest technical and administrative levels in harmony with the vision
 and mission of the university
 and these services provided by the center must arrive through a modern integrated 
infrastructure and effective and responsive and effective and reliable and be available and durable.


1. Building the electronic university in accordance with the importance of developing the capabilities of human cadres working in the university and keeping pace with technological development.

2. Establishing integrated and coherent information systems for the basic activities of the university.

3. Access to information for all administrative levels of the university.

4. Continuous cooperation with other information centers to share their experiences.

5. Development and continuous modernization in the field of information technology.