Deanship of Students Affairs

About Deanship

Al-Neelain's Deanship of Student Affairs was established in 1993 as one of the first University's departments. It has evolved since then in order to carry out the functions of all students’ services offered by the University and related to the students' different needs such as: financial awards or educational or psychological needs including: sponsored educational guiding, overcoming the problems the students face, and the formation of their characters through various student activities.

Deanship of Student Affairs was established comprising four internal departments, then it developed its internal structure in line with the large increase in the number of students to become seven internal departments.


The Deanship of Student Affairs visions is to provide better student services in educational, training and professional fields, while strengthening the students' sense of belonging in behavior, values and belief, to their university and country.


The Deanship of Student Affairs strives to contribute to the overall development of our nation through participation in developing an innovative workforce, enhancing proper ethics, behavioral and educational guidance to students, delivering training opportunities, and promoting national patriotism and loyalty to the country.


  • To actively participate in promoting the growth and development of well-balanced individuals capable of achieving academic and personal success.
  • To instill in students ideal ethics and moral principles, and to prepare them to assume life’s responsibilities.
  • To strengthen the students/faculty relationship during the students’ course of study and after graduation.
  • To guide students to properly invest time by enrolling in effective educational, social, or cultural programs offered by the deanship
  • To strengthen the relationship among students, and to enhance their social and intellectual interaction
  • To develop and align students’ skills and competencies with modern sources of information.