E-Learning Deanship

About Deanship

The Deanship of e-Learning has been established to promote the University to reach the ranks of international universities. We believe that E-learning will achieve a qualitative leap in the educational process that has become a requirement in the various aspects of higher education in Sudan.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University appointed Dr. Tarig El-Noor Hadi as dean of the Deanship. and appointed qualified advisors to the Deanship: Prof. Al-Samani Abdulmutallab and Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mirghani, who are considered to be the most specialists in computer science and engineering in Sudan.


Excellences in the field of e-learning locally, regionally and globally.


The Deanship of e-learning at Al-Neelain University to be leader in the field of e-learning by providing an interactive electronic learning environment developed at the local, regional and global region.


  1. Contribute to the realization of the Country's strategy in education, by providing an accessible educational environment to all users.
  2. Develop and implement the university strategy by make an ambitious generation that contributes to development of society.
  3. Contribute to the develop the skills of educational staff through organize a specialized courses and workshops about how to use all the latest application in the electronic learning systems and methods, by cooperation with the of Quality and Academic and Professional Development Deanship, and provide technical support.
  4. Contribute to the development of the academic curriculum, by cooperation with the faculties and the Scientific Affairs Deanship.
  5. Optimize an e-learning tools to solve problems and meet the university needs.
  6. Enhancing community confidence in e-learning outcomes.
  7. Partnership and exchange experiences with leading regional and global universities in e-learning feild