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The Department of Physics was established after the University was owned by Sudanese government and the students were admitted to it in 1994, where the first batch was graduated in 1998. The students received a four-year bachelor's degree in physics. The curriculum was then updated and now there are sub-specializations offered by the physics department. The Faculty of Science has developed into the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Department of Physics became a division of the School of Physics and Applied Physics.
The Department teaches physics for all the scientific faculties at the University. The General Physics Department has two labs to cover all practical aspects of physics' courses for the first class of all colleges and scientific departments of the university and another laboratory for students of the higher classes in different physics departments and also includes specialized laboratory.
There are the best research laboratories in Sudan at the Department of Physics: To prepare samples and to conduct some physical measurements under different physical conditions, and there is an X-ray diffraction device, which serves several research purposes.