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Dean Welcome Message I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals. We have designed this site to include information of the Faculty concerning its academic programs,  and information about its educational system, research, and state of the art lab facilities.We believe in the important role of the Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals towards serving the society. Hence, we present a brief explanation of the scientific research system, plans and the decisions carried out concerning research. The educational curriculum is unique in such a way that allows students to get a full coverage of field experience before they are graduated. the Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals is guided by a well strategic administrative plan to pursue research in areas of strong societal interest that will ultimately lead to beneficial applications in the private and public sectors within the Sudan. The faculty staff members comprise the best academics in different fields of geology. I sincerely thank His Excellency, Chancellor of Al Neelain university for his continous support to the faculty. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank all Faculty employees. I do sincerely appreciate their efforts at all levels in making this faculty a success. We ask God, the Almighty, to help us fulfill our duties towards the students and the society.


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