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The Department of Chemistry is one of the leading departments in the University of Al-Neelain - Faculty of Science and Technology and its graduates are highly qualified in all fields of chemistry.
The Department of Chemistry was established in 1991 as one of the Departments of the Faculty of Science, where the first batch was graduated in 1996 and in accordance with the development of the Faculty of Science at the University of Al-Neelain. The Chemistry and Chemical Technology School was established in 1998. In the framework of the evolutionary policy of the Faculty of Science and Technology The curriculum has been updated and developed in 2010. The Department of Chemistry teaches chemistry subjects to all scientific faculties of the university. It has four specialized laboratories to cover all practical aspects of chemistry courses for chemistry and other departments of the Faculty of Science and Technology as well as all scientific departments in all faculties of the scientific university. The department also has two advanced research laboratories equipped with the latest equipment such as atomic absorption apparatus, liquid chromatography, And the device of thermal decomposition and magnetism, these devices serve research purposes in various areas. The Department teaches courses that qualify students to obtain a master degree by courses and research and doctoral research for the graduate students in all disciplines of chemistry and its applications.