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Teaching of modern plastic art in Sudan was associated by the educational system established by the British colonialism in the early 1930s of the past century. The subject of fine art was introduced through the primary and intermediate stages of education at Bakh al-Rida Teacher Training Institute. In the same direction, the British administration established a department for the study of fine art at Gordon Memorial College, currently the University of Khartoum. This department was later on developed to become the School of Design in 1946. Many memorable graduates graduated from this School, including the artists Al-Salahi, Shibrain, Rabah, Ahmed Abdul al-A'l and others. Meanwhile, the expertise of the bulk of plastic artists currently active in the field of Sudanese plastic art has evolved and their numbers are greater as compared to the previous generations due to the expansion of the basins of academic education and qualification during the 1980s and 1990s eras and the beginning of the second millennium due to the fact that a considerable number of art education and fine art departments has been set up in Sudanese universities (in addition to the College of Plastic and Applied Art at Sudan University where the affiliates of this University witnessed tenfold increase during these years as compared to the 1950s and 1960s period.) There is no disagreement over the fact that the bulk of the local and regional plastic art production nowadays is made by graduates of th



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