College Staff


List of staff below has been sorted by scientific degree then by alphabatic order.

Full Name Scientific Degree Current Job Department
Atif Babiker mohmed Ali Associate Professor Low vision department
Madiha Sid Ahmed Ali Mohammed Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Binocular Vision department
Assistant Professor Ophthalmic Technology department
Assistant Professor Dean of faculty Low vision department
Assistant Professor Head of Binoclar Vision department Binocular Vision department
Saifaldeen Hassan Hassab alrasol Rasheed Assistant Professor Assistant professor Binocular Vision department
mustafa abdu Ali mohmed Assistant Professor Contact lenses department
AL Bashir alsaed AL Bashir Assistant Professor lecturer Contact lenses department
Nuha mohmed fathalrahman Assistant Professor Ocular Photography department
Eiman Gabralla Mohammed Ali Assistant Professor Binocular Vision department
Assistant Professor Ocular Photography department
Salma ibrahim elamin hagar Lecturer Ocular Photography department
Lecturer Contact lenses department
Nihal mohammed farah altayeeb Lecturer lecturer Low vision department
Lecturer Binocular Vision department
Zein about Altayb Osman Hassan allah Lecturer lecturer Contact lenses department
Sanna mamoun mohmed edris Lecturer teaching assistance Binocular Vision department
Lecturer head master of low vision Low vision department
Lecturer Neurology of vision department
Enas Elsiddig Abdalla Mohammed Lecturer lecturer Low vision department
Mohemed Atta Elmennam Mohemed Dyiab Lecturer Contact lenses department
Rabab sayed Ibrahim mukhtar Lecturer teaching assistance Ocular Photography department
Maali elshiekh mousa mohamed Lecturer lecturer Binocular Vision department
sulma yagoob abdalla youseif Lecturer teatching assisstant Ocular Photography department
Ragda Faisal Abdelfatah Mutwaly Lecturer Head master of ophthalmic photography Ocular Photography department
Lecturer Ophthalmic dispensing and technology