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The  ophthalmic technology program is related to ophthalmology  professions and this program of ophthalmic technologists designed to prepare the students to qualify for bachelor degree in ophthalmic medical technology. The curriculum is made up to insure that educational objectives are achieved in light of new developments in ophthalmic technology.


The mission of this program is to educate, train and graduate ophthalmic technologist who can assist ophthalmologist  in provision of modern eye care.

Academic Years

 Four years and each year is composed of two (15 weeks) semester  plus one week  for examinations.


Students are eligible to graduate when they have successfully completed the required courses according to the academic regulations of the  university with credit hours not less than (130) and contact hours not less than (2940). Assessment of students is based on course and practical work, examinations, quizzes and projects. A cumulative grade is calculated for every student and recorded on a transcript.


1- The qualification for selection of the candidates is a minimum of 70% in secondary school certificate including pass in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. 

2- To pass the faculty  interview and medical examinations.

Intake of Students

The annual intake is 50 students every year.

1. Duties of Ophthalmic Technologist

1. Test and record visual acuity. 

2. History taking and basic  anterior eye examinations.

        3. Instructing patients about medications, tests and procedures.

4. Care for, maintain, and sterilize of ophthalmic equipment.

5. Care and sterilization of surgical instruments.

6. Assisting ophthalmologist in operation rooms.

7. Assist Mobile Unit in conducting eye care camps.

8. Survey the community for early detection of eye defects.

9. Organize community eye care education activities.

10.  Supervising and training other ophthalmic assistants .