Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Pharmaceutical chemistry is a unique blend of chemical and biological sciences. The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department teaches and applies knowledge of plenty of subjects including:
1.    General and Physical chemistry.
2.     Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry.
3.     Biochemistry.
4.     Medicinal Chemistry.
5.     Drug Design.
6.     Chemical Pharmaceutical Analysis.
7.     Pharmaceutical Quality Control.
The contents of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry courses exploit both the theoretical and practical aspects of various specialities of chemistry needed to design, synthesize new novel drugs, investigate their biological activities, and to develop new pharmaceutical analysis methods to control and ensure the quality of the imported and locally manufactured pharmaceutical products.  

The department endeavours to become one of the leading departments in terms of teaching and research by developing highly professional and skilful pharmacists have collaborative spirit  and deep scientific background that contributes eventually to the development of society.

As a part of public institution we have a responsibility to serve our community. The mission of the department is to prepare and provide our pharmacy students with a deep scientific background, comprehensive information and training in the field of drug design, discovery and quality control.