Department of Dermatology

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By the end of the course the student Should be able to:
1.    Describe the anatomy, histology of the skin
2.    Describe the anatomy, histology of the male and female urogenital tract.
3.    Describe primary and secondary skin lesions
4.    Discuss the function of the skin
5.    Outline dermatological therapy  
6.    Outline Epidemiology of the common viral, fungal bacterial infection of the skin
7.    Describe common diseases of the skin appendages
8.    Outline the principles of photo therapy.
9.    Outline causes of male infertility.
10.    Handle skin and T.S.Is. Patients and take proper and informative history
11.    Elicit primary and secondary skin lesions
12.    Diagnose and treat the common bacterial , fungal, viral infections and common parasitic infestations
13.    Diagnose and treat the common scaly squamous eruptions
14.    Manage patients with genital ulcer, urethral discharge and HIV aids
15.    Perform skin scraping for fungi
16.    Perform skin biopsy
17.    Perform curettage and cautery for  some skin conditions
18.    Introduce himself to his patients and junior staff
19.    Gain the confidence of his patient and relatives
20.    Present his case with clear language , loud voice and confident manner.
21.    Plot a plan for investigating, treating and follow up of his patient.