Department of English language

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Goals and Objectives
We enhance and encourage continual professional development of the faculty .
To increase involvement in and development of the English language specialists.
To provide a curriculum that serve the needs of all three emphasis areas:
(linguistics ,language and literature) by offering our students relevant courses choices within a well-structured framework.
To design foundation courses that will give our students the literary , analytical, theoretical, and writing skills, that they will need in order to succeed in upper-division English courses .
To realign current categories for upper-division English courses choices in each emphasis area in order to provide students with relevant course choices and more electives within a well-structured framework.
To graduate students with the English major will be critical thinkers on issues of language and literature .
To guide students to demonstrate the ability to engage in comparison of texts .
To equip students with skills to demonstrate the ability of understanding various theoretical approaches and to apply theory in textual analysis as well as being competent writers in genres and registers congruent with the field.