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In the globalization era languages and arts play important roles not only as a medium of cultural products which strengthen the national identity but also as the medium of communication and international cooperation in a variety  of fields . The Department of English Language in the Faculty of Arts at Al-Neelain University has been striving to improve the quality of available resources in order to anticipate the global competition and to show the national identity and integrity .
The vision of this faculty is to be an outstanding and quality faculty putting emphasis on the pillars of expertise and professionalism in language, literature and linguistics.
Mission :
The English Department strengthens the advanced language education of students by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy the value of critical reading and effective writing and richness of literature ,past and present .

Vision :
We seek to foster knowledge and love of literature and of language in our students . To this end we will provide students in all emphasis areas with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured course choice .We will teach a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. We will teach students to speak, read, and write effectively. We will encourage students to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learned .We will encourage a love of learning and an appreciation for a language education .
Values :
We value the rigorous and comprehensive study of language, linguistics, and literature.
We value the cultivation of critical reading and reflection.  
We value the production of excellent writing in a variety of forms .
We value the ways the study of language and literature transforms our understanding of local, national, and international communities.
We value teaching that will lead our students to participate in society as informed, responsible citizens.

First years Courses:
Intensive English
Islamic culture
Arabic Language
Reading Skills 1
Writing Skills 1
Listening and Speaking 1
An introduction to Literature
Study Skills &Vocabulary
Second Year Courses :
Basic Grammar
Reading Skills 2
Vocabulary building
Literary Appreciation
Writing  Skills 2
Poetry 1
Listening &Speaking 2
Introduction to Linguistics
Modern American Literature
Renaissance Drama
Writing 3
Third Year Courses :
Writing 4
Discourse Analysis
African literature
Modern British
Translation 1
Syntax 1&Morphology
The short story
Poetry 2
Functional Grammar
Fourth Year Courses:
Literary criticism
Translation 2
Semantics &Pragmatics
World Literature
Research Methodology
Syntax 2
Applied linguistics
Teaching English as a foreign language
Modern English Drama  
Historical linguistics
Advanced Essay Writing
Research Paper

First Year

Code Subject ( Semester One)  Code Subject ( Semester Two)  Credit Hours
SUDA102 Sudanese Studies(1) 110 SUDA Sudanese Studies(2) 2
ARAB103 Language skills(1) 111 ARAB Language skills(2) 2
ISLM 104 Islamic culture(1) 112 ISLM Islamic culture(2) 2


Semester One

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL105 Intensive English (Integrated Language Skills) 6
ENGL106 Vocabulary Building (1) 3
ENGL107 Reading Skills (1) 3
ENGL108 Grammar (1) 3
Total   15

​Semester Two

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL113 Writing Skills 1 (sentence structure) 3
ENGL114 Listening  and Speaking Skills 1 3
ENGL115 An Introduction to Literature 3
ENGL116 Study Skills 3
Total   12


Second Year

  Semester One

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL201 Grammar (2) 3
ENGL202 Reading Skills 2 3
ENGL203 Writing Skills  2 (Paragraph) 3
ENGL204  Vocabulary Building (2) 3
ENGL205 Listening  and Speaking Skills 2 3
ENGL206 Literary  Appreciation 3
ENGL207 Phonetics (1) 3
Total   21


Semester Two

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL208 Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENGL209 Phonetics (2) 3
ENGL210 Renaissance Drama  3
ENGL211 Writing 3 (composition) 3
ENGL212 Poetry 1 3
ENGL213 Modern American Literature 3
Total   18


Third Year

Semester One

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL301 Writing Skills 4 (Essays) 3
ENGL302 Discourse Analysis 3
ENGL303 African Literature  3
ENGL304 Modern British Novel  3
ENGL305 Sociolinguistics 3
ENGL306 Phonology (1) 3
ENGL307 Morphology (1) 3
Total   21

Semester Two 

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL308 Translation (1)  3
ENGL309 Syntax 1  3
ENGL310 The Short Story  3
ENGL311 Phonology (2) 3
ENGL312 Poetry (2) 3
ENGL313 Morphology (2) 3
ENGL314 Functional Grammar 3
Total   21

Fourth Year

Semester One

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL401 Literary Criticism 3
ENGL402 Translation 2 3
ENGL403 Semantics and Pragmatics 3
ENGL404 World Literature 3
ENGL405 Research Methodology  3
ENGL406 Advanced Essay Writing  3
Total   18


Semester Two

Code Subject Credit Hours
ENGL407 Syntax 2 3
ENGL408 Applied Linguistics 3
ENGL409 Stylistics  3
ENGL410 Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 3
ENGL411 Modern English Drama 3
ENGL412 Historical  Linguistics  3
ENGL413 Research Paper 6
Total   24