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The mission of the Department of Statistics and Demography is to pursue a high standard academic excellence in the development of statistical and demographic tools which will be applied in the interpretation of data generated in different fields of human endeavour. These techniques will be imparted to students of the department of statistics and demography through lectures, seminars and group discussions to equip them to meet challenges of correct data processing and interpretation in Government, quasi-government, academics, industry research institutes in Sudan.

Fields of work for graduates of the department:

         1 - Researcher and statistical analyst in the various institutions in the departments of (research and information - quality control) to do the tasks of:

             * Preparation of studies and research

             * Preparation of reports and periodicals

             * Participation in the development of plans and policies

         2. Working at the competent institutions to conduct census and demographic surveys by preparing and implementing the various stages of:

             * Data collection

             * Data Entry

             * data analysis

             * writing reports

         3 - Working at the competent centers and research institutions in the field.

         4. Working at international and regional organizations working on population and development issues such as:

             * United Nations Fund for Population Activities

             * United Nations Development Program

             * World Health Organization