College Staff


List of staff below has been sorted by scientific degree then by alphabatic order.

Full Name Scientific Degree Current Job Department
Al-Fadil Al-Obeid Omer Professor Medical Microbiology
Osman Mansour Osman Professor Medical Parasitology
Imad Mohammed Fadl Elmula Professor Histopathology and Cytology
Nasr Eldeen Ali Mohammed Associate Professor Haematology
Elamin Abdelkareem Elamin Associate Professor Medical Parasitology
Abdelkareem Abubaker Abdo Associate Professor Head Department of clinical chemistry Clinical Chemistry
Elshazali Widaa Ali Associate Professor Haematology
Waleed Ahmed Hamed Eldaif Associate Professor Medical Microbiology
Abdelmula Mohammed Abdalla Associate Professor Clinical Chemistry
Ibrahim Khedir Ibrahim Associate Professor Deputy dean Haematology
Hiba Badreldin Khalil Associate Professor Director of Al Neelain stem cell center Haematology
Mohammed Madeni Eltyeib Associate Professor Medical Parasitology
Mona Mohammed Hashim Ellaithi Associate Professor Histopathology and Cytology
Wafa Ibrahim Elhaj Abd Elrhaman Associate Professor Medical Microbiology
Ashwag Mohammed Mukhtar Assistant Professor Histopathology and Cytology
Ameera Adam Mohammed Adam Assistant Professor Coordinator of scientific research Histopathology and Cytology
Khalid Mohamed Adam Assistant Professor Molecular Biology
Nour Mahmoud Abdellatif Assistant Professor Head of hematology department Haematology
Lina babiker mirghani Assistant Professor Haematology
Khalid Mohammed Adam Assistant Professor Molecular Biology
Samr Osman Ali Assistant Professor Coordinator of the Graduate studies Medical Parasitology
Alfatih Seifeldin Eljafari Assistant Professor Medical Parasitology
Suhair Abdelrhmman Ahmed Assistant Professor Head of qulaity and academic development Unit Clinical Chemistry
Rimaz Elhaj Gwrashi Assistant Professor Clinical Chemistry
Ayman Awad Abdelhaleem Assistant Professor Immunology
Mohammed Nafi Hamad Assistant Professor Medical Microbiology
Nagla Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Assistant Professor Head of Medical Microbiology department Medical Microbiology
Sara Sidig Abdalla Mohammed Assistant Professor Head of parasitology department Medical Parasitology
Sheereen Faisal Abdulrhman Assistant Professor Academic registrar Clinical Chemistry
Waleed Abdeltif Hussien Mohammed Assistant Professor Immunology
Saad Elnour Abusail Assistant Professor Histopathology and Cytology
Mohammed Abdelrahman Mostafa Lecturer Head of Medical Parasitology Department Medical Parasitology
Gusai Ali Eltayeb Elhassan Lecturer Head of the Molecular biology Department Molecular Biology
Nafesa Ahmed Ibrahim Lecturer scientific research coordinator Medical Microbiology
Mosab Ali Awadelkareem Mohammed Lecturer Medical Parasitology
Sarrah Abdelgani Abdelsadig Lecturer Medical Parasitology
Hiba Osman Kailani Lecturer Medical Microbiology
Mona Dawood Ahmed Mohammed Lecturer Molecular Biology
Raga Salah Eldeen Khogaly Hassan Lecturer Clinical Chemistry
Ebtihal Ahmed Babiker Omer Lecturer Haematology
Rabab Ali Mohammed Elhaj Lecturer Head department of histopathology and cytology Histopathology and Cytology
Ahmed Osman Qasim Attar Lecturer Medical Microbiology
Linda Ismael Ibrahim Mohammed Lecturer Histopathology and Cytology
Fatima Abdeljaleel Lecturer Clinical Chemistry
Misaa Omer Mohammed Lecturer Histopathology and Cytology
Reham El-Rasheed Lecturer Medical Microbiology
Fathelrahman Mozamil AbdelMotalab Lecturer Histopathology and Cytology
Nimat Imad Eldeen Hemeidan Lecturer Histopathology and Cytology
Imad Eldeen Mahmoud Khaleel Lecturer Clinical Chemistry
Sanaa Abass Mahgoub Lecturer Coordinator of shared subjects Haematology
Hozifa Abed Albage Yousif Teaching Assistant Clinical Chemistry
Mohamed Ahmed Ali Malik Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant - Common Subjects Coordinator - Website Coordinator Medical Microbiology
Abdelgader Abdalla Elhassan Teaching Assistant Immunology
Israa Idris Teaching Assistant Medical Parasitology
Saadia Osman Abdelraheem Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistance Haematology