College Staff


List of staff below has been sorted by scientific degree then by alphabatic order.

Full Name Scientific Degree Current Job Department
Alsamani AbdAlmotalb Ahmed Professor Computer Science
Eltyeb Elsamani Abdelgabar Elsamani Associate Professor Dean of faculty of computer science and information technology Computer Science
Fahkr Alden Abas Mohamed Said Associate Professor Software Engineering
Majzoob Kamal Aldein Omer Abd ALrahman. Assistant Professor Information Technology
Mohamed Mohamed Suliman Abaza Assistant Professor Head of Management Information System Department Management Information Systems
Tariq Abdul-Karim Abdul-Fadil Assistant Professor Computer Science
Nafissa Hassan Mohamed Abdallah Assistant Professor Management Information Systems
Maha Abo Yousif Abo Assistant Professor Head of information technology department Computer Science
Mortada Malik Adam Alhaj Assistant Professor Information Technology
Amin Mubark Alamin Ibrahim Assistant Professor Computer Science
Ahmed Seed Ahmed Ali Alageed Assistant Professor Head of Software Engineering Department Software Engineering
Mobarak Abakar Adam Hassan Assistant Professor Information Technology
Abdelrazeq Awad Alsaid Idrees Soliman Assistant Professor Information Technology
Shazali Alsiddig Mohamed Ahmad Assistant Professor Director of Computer and information Center Information Technology
Gafar Zain Alabdin Salih Assistant Professor Information Technology
Alameen Eltoum Mohamed Abdalrahman Assistant Professor Accounting Information Systems
Mustafa Algili Mustafa Assistant Professor Information Technology
Osman Abd Allah Nasr Ali Assistant Professor Management Information Systems
Osman Alnor Suliman Alnor Assistant Professor Software Engineering
Zohor Fadol Mohamed Anwar Assistant Professor Computer Science
Hala Salih Mahjoob Ismail Assistant Professor Library Information Systems
Seaf AlEslam Adam Abdallah Assistant Professor Information Technology
Mohammed Hassan Ahmed Abdalla Assistant Professor Deputy Secretary of the Libraries Secretariat, Neelain University Library Information Systems
Ali Osman Mohamed Salih Assistant Professor Information Technology
Abdelmajid Hassan Mansour Emam Assistant Professor Information Technology
Haithm Alshikh Ali Alamin Assistant Professor Software Engineering
Albasha Ali Algoni Assistant Professor Management Information Systems
Mamdoh Mirgani Mohamed Assistant Professor Information Technology
Mohamed Hassan Osman Assistant Professor Computer Science
Joma Hamed Joma Norian Assistant Professor Director of ICT Center Accounting Information Systems
Ibtihal Hassan Salih Mohamadin Lecturer Library Information Systems
Musab Mohamedelfatih Yousif Abdelgader Lecturer Software Engineering
Abdalla adel abdalla hadabai Lecturer Computer Science
MARAM ALI OSMAN ELTAYEB ELBADRY Lecturer Management Information Systems
Marwa Farouk Abel Mutaal Suliman Lecturer Information Technology
Malaz Fatah Elrahman Mohammed Hussien Lecturer Computer Science
Elhadi Suliman Elhadi Lecturer Computer Science
Mohamed Ahmed Dahab Adam Lecturer General coordinators at Software engineering Department Software Engineering
Hana Eltayb Hassan Abu Saad Lecturer Software Engineering
Mohamed Alkhair Ibrahim Alfaki Lecturer Software Engineering
Mahasin Hatim Mowad Lecturer Library Information Systems
Furaya' Ahmed El Bashir Lecturer Accounting Information Systems
AbdAlaziz Mhamod Jmaa Mohamed Lecturer Head of Accounting Information System Department Accounting Information Systems
Nasr Ismail Hamza Mohamed Lecturer Academic Registrar - Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Information Technology
Mohamed Gad Allah Hamad Adam Lecturer Head of Libarary Information System Department Library Information Systems
Osman Abdelsalam Mohamed Abdalsaid Lecturer Management Information Systems
Abdelrahman Adam Eldod Lecturer Diploma of Information system department coordinator Management Information Systems
Sahar Alsafi Altayeb Soraj Lecturer Computer Science
Mohamed Salih AbdAlrasol Lecturer Head of Department of computer science Computer Science
Haitham Ahmed Elhadi Abdelrahim Lecturer Management Information Systems
Rania AbdAlaal Osman Lecturer Computer Science
Basil Abdul Rhman Alwali Suliman Lecturer Information Technology
Hana Eltayeb Hassan AbuSaad Lecturer Software Engineering
Mohammed Hussien Eltaieb Adam Lecturer Accounting Information Systems
Musab Ibrahim Alrashid Lecturer Information Technology
Haythm AbdAlrahman Ali Ismail Lecturer Software Engineering
Hana Alamen Aljak Lecturer Information Technology
Khalid Hamoda Ali Hamoda Lecturer Computer Science
Omer Zein elabdein Awad Khalil Lecturer Rapporteur of faculty of computer science and information technology Management Information Systems
Najdat Mustafa Musa Osman Lecturer Rapporteur of Management Information System department. Management Information Systems
Insaaf Joma Salih GadAllah Lecturer Information Technology
Alaa Ehab Mohamed Alsaid Lecturer Computer Science
Modather Alawad Mohamed Mustafa Lecturer Information Technology
Somia Mohamed Alamin Lecturer Computer Science
Mohamed Elmurtada mahgoub Hussein Lecturer Management Information Systems
Suzan AbdAlrahman Fadol Ebrahim Lecturer Information Technology
Ramadan Mohammed Osman Ahmed Lecturer Diploma Coordinator - Information Technology Department Library Information Systems
Mohammed Anas Alfaki Mohammed saad Lecturer Coordinator of software engineering department of diploma Library Information Systems
Hana Samih AbdAlaziz Lecturer Computer Science
AbdAlellah Algasim Babiker GadAllah Lecturer Accounting Information Systems
Majdah Mohamed AbdAlfadil Lecturer Information Technology
Ahmed Albadawi Hassan Badawi Korina Lecturer Computer Science
Amal Ahmed Arbab Mohamed Lecturer Information Technology
Noraldin Abkar Zakria Adam Lecturer Software Engineering
OSAMA AHMED DAFALLAH MOHAMMED Lecturer Information Technology
Altigani Ismail khalil ahmed Teaching Assistant Computer science department secretary Computer Science
Hind hamza fadul modwey Teaching Assistant Information Technology
Mozdalifa Wage Allah AbdAlnabi Mohamed Teaching Assistant Accounting Information Systems
Taghreed Alwaleed Hussien ALI Teaching Assistant Libraries Information Systems Rapporteur Library Information Systems
Ali Abdallah Abakar Adam Teaching Assistant Rapporteur of Accounting information system department Accounting Information Systems
Mohammed Ali Mohammed Solayman Teaching Assistant Computer Science
Riham Alsohili Abi Alsohili Teaching Assistant Software Engineering
Hiba Omer Mohamed Ahmed Mahmod Teaching Assistant Library Information Systems
AAmir Edris Dirar Abobakr Teaching Assistant Information Technology
Marwa AbdAllah Hassan Ali Teaching Assistant Accounting Information Systems