Department of Geology of Mineral Wealth

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Our objectives in the Department of Geology of Mineral Wealth, and in collaboration with other departments in the Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals, are:
•    providing training for future professional economic geologists directly through high-quality instructions and research involvements in all fields of Economic geology. The department as well recognizes the critical role of other departments in providing supporting courses in other related fields; such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, computer science, and engineering, etc.
•    contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of Economic geology (Ore Geology) through research activities in selected areas of expertise.
•    providing supporting courses and research services for professional programs in such areas as natural resources, ore deposits, soil sciences, research methodology, geological and environmental engineering, forensic geosciences, remote sensing and GIS, and physical geology.
•    enhancing the tertiary education levels of our students, by providing high quality training and teaching in geology, and to produce gratitude to the roles of geological sciences and natural resources in the development of the Republic of Sudan.
•    promoting better understanding of geology among the general public and to educate the public with respect to the potential impacts of Economic Geology (ores, minerals, building materials) on daily bases life through providing services to individual citizens, community groups and media, and public schools.
•    endorsing professional and ethical values in our training/teaching activities, research practices and community engagement. We indebted to our responsibilities to produce graduates at all levels who are not only professional geoscientists, but also fully-rounded human beings with integrity and morality, and can apply their knowledge with integrity and inquisitive minds, and who respect the environment;
•    providing the optimum environment for teaching, research, and service, and to support the professional growth and progress of both academic staff and students.
•    To be the most esteemed Geology Department on Sudan and Africa.