Dr. Etedal Ahmed Abuelbasher Ibrahim

 Etedal Ahmed Abuelbasher Ibrahim

Dr. Etedal Ahmed Abuelbasher Ibrahim

  • Scientific Degree : Assistant Professor
  • College: Faculty of Medicine - Department: Internal Medicine
  • Date of Appointment: 2007-07-13
  • Email: etedalibrahim@neelain.edu.sd
  • Phone : 00249912270034
  • Address:


Eetedal Ahmed Abu Elbasher Ibrahim
Personal Data:

Date of birth: 1973.
Place of birth: ElObied, Sudan.
Nationality: Sudanese
Marital status: Married
Languages: Arabic and English.
Profession:   Physician-Neurologist.Assossciate Professor of Medicine &Neurology. Faculty of Medicine Alneelin University.
Permanent Registeration: Sudan Medical Council, 25 October 2001.
Address: The national centre or Neurological science, Khartoum.Sudan.Neurology Department
ORAlneelin University Faculty of Medicine1121Sudan P.O.Box 1121
Mobile:00249912270034     E.mail : eetedalibrahim@yahoo.com
*Elobied Compony Primary School.
*Elobied Compony Intermediate Sister School.
*Elobied Higher secondary School.
*Gezira University, Faculty of Medicine, graduated June 1999.
*MD in clinical Medicine (Part 1), Sudan Medical Specialization Board, University of Khartoum, 2003.
*MD in clinical Medicine (Part 2), Sudan Medical Specialization Board, University of Khartoum, 2006.
Training Programme in neurology with prof.MOHMMED NAGIB ABDALLA, Alshaape Teaching Hospital.2006-2007
*DCN, diploma in clinical Neurology (distinction second place candidate), Queen
Square, University College of London (UCL), March 2008.
Training in Neurology department Glasgow hospital for neurology and neurosurgery (1 month) 2008.
Training in Neuroradiology (neuroradiology course) in the national Hospital for Neurology AND Neurosurgery, London 2008
Work Experience Clinical Appointments:
1-Three month experience in each of the following specialties:
-General Surgery: from 1.2.2000 to 1.5.2000, Elobied Teaching Hospital.
-Orthopedic Surgery: from 2.5.2000 to 2.7.2000, Elobied Teaching Hospital.
-Obestet&Gynaec: from 3.7.2000 to 1.10.2000, Elobied teaching Hospital.
-Pediatric: from 2.10.2000 to 3.1.2001, Elobied Teaching Hospital.
-Internal Medicine: from 3.1.2001 to 3.4.2001, Elobied Teaching Hospital.
-General Surgery (minor): from 3.4.2001 to 3.6.2001, Elobied Teaching Hospital.
2-Senior houseofficer:
A) Department of General Medicine: from 1.10.2001 to 13.7.2002, Elobied Teaching Hospital.
B) Department of Cardiology: from 16.7.2002 to 1.5.2003Prof Siddige Ismaeil unit, Alshaape Teaching Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan.
3-Registrar ship:
Four Month Duration in each of the following specialties:
1-Department of Nephrology from 1.5.20003 to 1.9.2003, Omdurman Military Hospital.
2-Department of cardiology from1.9.2003 to 1.1.2004, Alshaape Teaching Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan.
3-Department of gastroenterology-Hepatology from 2.1.2004 to2.4.2004, Khartoum Teaching Hospital.
4-Department of General Medicine from 3.5.2004 to 3.9.2004, Khartoum Teaching Hospital.
5-Department of Neurology from 4.9.2004 to 3.1.2005, Alshaape Teaching Hospital
6-Department of General Medicine from 2.1.2005 to 2.5.2005, Khartoum Teaching Hospital.
7-Department of Gastroentrologyfrom3.5.2005 to 3.9.2005, Ibn Sina Hospital The bleeding center, Khartoum, Sudan.
8-Department of Endocrinology from 4.9.2005 to 4.1.2006, Khartoum Teaching hospital.
9-Department of Respirotary Medicine from 5.1.2006 to 5.5.2006, Alshaape teaching hospital.
Training As Physician:
*Department Of Neurology from 1.7.2006 up to now, Alshaape Teaching Hospital.
*Attended the 6th Asian and Occasion Epilepsy Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2006.
Training As Neurologist:
*Attachment in the national Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Glasgow, Scotland 2008.
*Neuroradiology Course, University College of London, from 31.3.2008 to 5.4.2008, The National Hospital for Neurology and neurosurgeryNHNN, Queen Square, WCB1, London.
*Department of neurology from 7.4.2008 up to 2013, AL shape Teaching Hospital.
*Create Neurology Unit at the National Centre for Neurological Sciences, Khartoum, Sudan from 2013up to now.
*Attended the World Federation of Neurology conference Bangkok, Thailand 2010.
*Attended the Dementia conference Frankford Germany 2011.
*Attended the Egyptian society of neurological science 2012.
*Training in the neurophysiology department Algaser Eleiny hospital from 12/12/2012 to 12/2/2013.
*Head department of EEG Ibn Alhitham center, Khartoum, Sudan.
*Writing recommendation Letters and being referee to many physician, registrars doctors some of them graduated from Alneelain University.
*Has completed professional enhancement in curriculum Development held in the faculty of Medicine, Alneelain University, Khartoum. Sudan 22-23 March 2014.
*Has completed professional enhancement in Students assessment held in the faculty of Medicine Alneelain University 9th April 2014.
*Attended the 9th World Stroke congress 22-25 October Istanbul, Turkey.
*Attended the Lund beck 2nd global Expert meeting in Istanbul 31-1st October, 2014
*Attended the 14 congress of pan Arab union of neurological societies, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.22-24 january2015.
*Attended the teaching course entitled Acute stroke management at the 9th world stroke congress 22-25 October 2014 Istanbul, Turkey
*Attended the teaching course entitled Research and Publication at the 9 world stroke congress 22-25 October 2014 Istanbul, Turkey.
*Participate in the seminar of Fibromyalgia Held By Getz pharma.Khartoum Sudan 16 Jan 2015.
*Attended the Basic of the clinical trial conduct workshop2/5/2015.Alneelain University.
* Filling the world federation of neurology questionnaire in collaboration with the WHO about the neurological diseases in Sudan to be assembled to the world Neurology Atlas
*Attended the Lebanese Society of Neurological Disease, Burit, Lebenan 2016.
*Attended SUN pharma neurology conference Sydney, Australia 2016.
*Attended Lndbuck conference new Cairo. Egypt. 2016.
*Attended the World Federation of Neurology Conference, Kyoto, Japan 2017.
*Attended Movement disorder Society Conference the 3rd Middle East Camp Dubai.5-6/10/2017.
*Attended the MENACTRIM Multiple Sclerosis conference Dubai 23/24 November 2017 .
*Appointed Assistant professor in the department of Medicine, University of ALneelain 2007.
*Appointed Associate Professor of Medicine &Neurology Alneelain University 2015.
*Scientific and research member of Sudanese Society of Neurological Sciences.2008-2014
*Co-chair of the scientific committee of Sudanese Society of SSNS last conference of neurological sciences 2014.
*Co-chair of scientific committee of SSNS 2016.
*Head of the academic office of SSNS (Sudanese society of neuroscience) 2014-up to now.
*Member of the scientific committee of the Sudan Association of physician 28th-29th-30th-31th Conference.
*Head of neurology department NCNS (The National center of Neurological science) from 1/7/2014 to 1/9/2014
* President of the training office of the MD sup speciality in Neurology the National Centre for neurological science. Khartoum, Sudan.2014- up to now.
*lecturer in the program of  MD in Neurology SudanMedical Specialization Board.
*Member of Sudan Association of Physicians.
*Member of Sudan Doctor Unions.
*Member of Sudanese Society of Neurological Sciences.
*Member of Queen Square Alumnus association, Institute of Neurology, University of London.
* Member of the American Academy of Neurology. MAAN (USA).
*Member of European Academy of Neurology (MEAN) UK.
*Member of Movement Disorder Society (MMDS).
*Has completed post Graduate Educational Comprehensive Review in Neurology,2011-2012,entitled a credit point up to 37 AMA PRA CATOGERY 1CREIDT.HARVAD MEDICAL SCHOOL USA.
*Appointed as a commissioner representing Sudan in Lancet Neurology, World health Organization and World Stroke Organization Commission on stroke in low and Middle-Income Countries.
*Examiner for final MBBS students in Alneelain University and many other medical schools.
*Examiner for MD theses in internal Medicine Sudan Medical Specialization Board.
*Examiner of MD final exam Sudan Medical Specialization Board.
*Bed side teaching for the 5th year medical student at Alneelain University (twice per week).
*Bedside teaching for 6th year medical students at Alneelain University (twice per week).
*Neurology lectures for 6th year medical student at Alneelain University.
*co coordinating Seminars for final Alneelain Medical students.
*preparing exams &clinical cases for the final exam Alneelain University &participation in the exam correction.
*coordinating the neuroscience course Alneelain University from 2006-2011.
*Participating in medical committee to assess some students with Epilepsy Alneelain University.
*Bedside Teaching and giving lectures for some medical schools.
*Bedside teaching for the medical registrars from Sudan Medical Specialization Board, University of Khartoum, University of Gezira,Omdurman Islamic University,Joba university.
*Coordinators of neuroscience course for 4 years Soba University Hospital SSNS.
*One of the coordinators of neuroscience international conference, Khartoum. Sudan.
*Preparing clinical cases, problems, and best of five for the final student examinations Alneelain University.
*Preparing clinical cases for MD examination SMSB &for PACES.

*Giving lectures in the first, second, third neuroscience course for medical registrar & physician, Soba University Hospital.2008-2014.
*Presenting papers in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth,six, neuroscience international conference, Khartoum. Sudan
*Multiple sclerosis; prospective study of clinical presentation &outcome
The 4th international Sudanese neuroscience conference oral presentation. 25-26 February 2012first author.
*Correlation between clinical presentation and radiological appearance in patients with myelitis at Alshaab teaching hospital, April 2012-March 2013 The 5th international conference & The Sixth clinical neuroscience Course first author.

*A challenging case of movement disorder and Epilepsy The 5th international conference & The Sixth clinical neuroscience Course8-11 February, 2014.first author.

*Cerebral venous sinuses thrombosis; findings from Sudan The 3th international conference & the fourth clinical neuroscience Course February, 2010 presenter.
*Stubborn CNS Infections: case series the 5th international conference & The Sixth clinical neuroscience Course8-11 February, 2014, second place participant.

*Captocomia. An overlooked diagnosis: Case review the 5th international conference & The Sixth clinical neuroscience Course 8-11 February, 2014 second place participant.

* Dementia in Sudan: an overview the 5th international conference & The Sixth clinical neuroscience Course third place participant.
 8-11 February, 2014

*CNS Tuberculosis, A diagnosis of uncertainty8-11 February, The 5th international conference & The Sixth clinical neuroscience Course third place participant.

*Spinal cord Neuroplastoma presenting as cerebral venous thrombosis the 4th international Sudanese neuroscience conference25-26 February 2012 6 place participant.

*NMO ,clinical presentation and serological biomarkers presented in the 6th Sudanese society of Neuroscience conference 2016 and in the 29th Sudanese physician Conference Khartoum 2016 oral presentation first place participant

*Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, short term outcome, 29th Sudanese physician Conference 2016 oral presentation, first place participant.

*An experience from Sudan with tuberculosis of central nervous system; An extensive study of clinical and radiological features. Treatment outcomes and predictors of mortality in 60 patients MNIdris, Etedal.ibrahim, M.Alfaki, T.A.Hakim, the 3d EAN Conference Amsterdam 2017












*The pattern of clinical presentation of Multiple sclerosis in adult Sudanese patients, 2006.
Supervisor in the following thesis;
*Epilepsy in early stroke, clinical presentations, predictive factors, outcome in patient admitted to neuroscience center, Khartoum. Sudan.DR.Rowida Musa Bakhit Medical registrar Sudan Medical Specialization Board 2011  
*Late onset Epilepsy in Sudanese patients. Dr Aldesogi Mohamed Humida, MD registrar Sudan medical Specializations Board 2011
*Refractory Epilepsy in Adult Sudanese patients. By dr  Fwzi Dfallaha Ahmed, MD registrar Sudan medical specialization Board.2012
*Correlation between CD4 count and neurological presentations in Sudanese patients by dr Ahmed Osman Zaroug MD registrar Sudan Medical Specializations Board2012.
*Correlation between MRI findings and clinical presentation of Mylitis in adult Sudanese patient by dr Hipa Hussein Abugable MD registrar Sudan Medical specialization Board 2013.
*The effect of Pyridostagmin in patients with Neurogenic Dysphagia by dr Salma Hassan Abbas MD registrar, Sudan Medical Specialization Board2013.
*Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage in Adult Sudanese patients, clinical presentations outcome in Adult Sudanese patients by dr Randa osman MD registrar Sudan Medical specialization Board 2013.
* Short term outcome of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in Adult Sudanese patients by dr Rawia Abdurrahman MD registrar Sudan Medical Specialization Board2014.
*Correlation between risk factors and outcome of stroke patients by dr Rashid Hassan Mahgoub Abu Sowar MD registrar Sudan Medical Specialization Board2014.
*Neuromylitis optica, the patterns of clinical presentation &serological biomarkers in Sudanese patients. By Dr Fatima Gammer medical registrar SMSB.2016
*Headache, that predict abnormal brain image in Sudanese patients in the national center for Neurological science. Khartoum. By Dr Rania Alamin Gammer MD Medical  registrar SMSB.2015
*Dementia clinical profile and imaging findings in Sudanese patients.By Dr Dia Aldin Ahmed Alsid Mohmmed.Neurogenetist KSA.2015
*Multiple Sclerosis, Patterns of clinical presentation, diagnostic tools, treatment options and Outcome.
* Parkinson disease in young Sudanese patients, presentations and Genetics causes, Dr Samer Abd Elaziz Ali Basher 2017, medical registrar SMSB.
*Electrocardiogram, serum Troponin, Correlations and relation in patients with Acute Stroke. Dr Salma Mohamed Taha.Medical registrar SMSB 2016.
*Risk Factors of Idiopathic Intracranial hypertension in Adult Sudanese Patients Dr.Samer Eisa 2016 .Medical Registrar SMSB.
*Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) of Alneelain Medical Students towards Epilepsy. Ahmed Aadil Alhag Aljack, Medical Student Alneelain University 2017.
*Migraine, Risk factors, outcome in Sudanese Patients.2017
Dr, Gada Abdalaal Medical registrar SMSB.2017
*Correlation between Epilepsy, Clinical presentations and interictal Electroencephalogram (EEG) findings. Dr Suhaip Yosif Abdulla Mohamed 2017.medical registrar SMSB.    
Co Supervisor in the following thesis:
1-The pattern of clinical presentation of Adult onset Hydrocephalus in Sudanese patients.By dr Fathallaha Ahmed AL Bashir Medical registrar SMSB 2009.
2-The patterns of clinical presentation of Dermatomyositis and polymyositis in adult Sudanese patients. Dr Ehsan Nasr Aldin Medical registrar SMSB 2008.
3- The pattern of clinical presentation and radiological appearance of Menengioma in adult Sudanese patients. By Dr Nashwa Abderahim medical registrar SMBS.2008
4-Eatiology of Papilloedema amonge Sudanese patients in Alshaape Teaching Hospital. By Dr Rihap Suliman 2009 medical registrar SMSB.
5-Risk factors and presentation of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Sudanese patients. Dr Saeed medical reg SMSB 2009.
6-Neurological presentation of SLE in adult Sudanese patients.By Dr Ahmed Yosif medical registrar SMSB.2011.
7- Vertebrobasilar insuffiencey in Sudanese patients.By Dr Sabah Tyfor Abshaar medical registrar SMSB.2012
8- The patterns of presentations of Neurological diseases at Alshaape Teachings Hospital. By Dr Shareef Hussin medical registrar SMSB 2011.
9-Pott's disease finding from sudan.Dr Abdurrahman Mohammed Salih medical registrar SMSB.2010.
10-The patterns of presentation of chorea in Sudanese patients. By Dr Rogia Hussein Alshareef medical registrar SMSB.2009.
11- Cerebral venous sinuses thrombosis finding from Sudan.Dr.Hind Mahgoub Abdalmalik.medical registrar SMSB.2008.
12- Incidence of hepatitis C in CKD on hemodialysis. Dr Mohammed Gorashi medical registrar SMSB.2009.
13-Carppal tunnel syndrome: patterns of presentation in Sudanese patients.By Dr Eislam Hammadin.medical registrar SMSB 2010.  
1-Adult onset polymyositis-Dermatomyositis: findings from Sudan.
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