Neelain Institute for Medical Research

Faculty of Medicine


Al-Neelain Institute for Medical Research is an institute affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Neelain University. It is located in the College of Demand, the northern building - the second floor. Since its establishment, the center has provided a lot of research and diagnostic services to researchers, doctors, students of the Faculty of Medicine and postgraduate studies, through its laboratories and the equipment it contains


Innovating and developing basic and applied medical research by creating an environment that stimulates creativity, cooperating in laboratory diagnosis with competent authorities locally, regionally and globally, in order to promote work and apply quality standards


Creating a promising generation of distinguished scientists in the field of medical research and providing rare medical services to patients, which will reflect positively on society by providing rare laboratory services


 Innovating and applying medical research that benefits the citizen and society

 Publishing scientific papers and presenting them in local, regional and international conferences

 Holding scientific symposia, holding workshops, scientific courses and training courses

Cooperation with similar institutions locally, regionally and globally

 Providing laboratory services to patients at low prices in order to serve the community

 Training students of the Faculty of Medicine and postgraduate studies

 Promote and support postgraduate studies


Molecular Biology

 Cytogenetic lab

Hematology and Immunology lab

 Flow cytometry lab