Education Development Center

Faculty of Medicine


The EDC was established in 2006 to promote the professional development of the faculty in all the health professions ,and hence distribute and strengthen this knowledge for all health professionals, students  and  community 

Alneelain faculty of medicine has actively supported the establishments because of the valuable contribution they can make to improving medical education ,which  realized through developing more appropriate curricula that reflect the needs of the community, upgrading the quality of education of health personnel and providing support for those involved in these changes.

 These center  have focused it is specialized services on students, faculty members, educational processes and learning styles, and graduates. They also              work in the five  main areas of curriculum planning, teacher training, continuous education, research in education and evaluation




Designing and implementing a pioneering platform to develop curricula, promote scientific researches and community health services through a partnership program locally regionally and internationally


To be a beacon of hope and a recognized institution in medical education, professional excellence and elevating the quality of education among the faculty members, students to confront challenges and social needs


  • Developing educational policies and formulate strategic plans for high quality learning and teaching
  • Continuous  professional training for the staff
  • Promote using of technology in learning and research
  • Encourage staff and students to be committed to the best standards of quality in education health service and research
  •  Inspiring the academic staff and student to develop new ideas and initiative in education healthcare and researc
  • Stimulating students learning skills to enhance their academic success
  • Conducting researches necessary to evaluate and develop academic performance
  • Formulate strategies for academic supervision and career advice




Online webinars




Lecture room

Clinical skill lab

Audio visual unit(hub unit)

E learning unit


  1. Director general
  2. Deputy Director General
  3. Assistant Director
  4. Secretary
  5.  Academic Coordinator:
  6. Courses and Training coordinator
  7. Events Coordinator
  8. Media and Publication Officer
  9. Scientific Committee

Honor board

Directors of  EDC since foundation

Dr.Tayseer Diab - Associate Peofessor

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Salwa Makki - Associate Professor


Dr. Abdelmoniem M.Hamid - Associate Professor


Prof. Khalid Yassin - Professor

Obstetrics and Gynecology