It is a pleasure indeed to invite the students to Participate in ANVESHAN, a leading Competition of young researchers organised by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) every year. This is a pioneering initiative of AIU directed towards identifying, nurturing and promoting the Research Aptitude of young students. The Competition provides a unique opportunity to the young researchers to showcase their talent and win exciting prizes. The students can participate in solo and in collaboration with the students of Indian Universities and other HEIs.

For more details about AIU:

The competition is scheduled to run from November, 2023 to March, 2024. During this time the students will engage virtually for 1-2 hours a week, in a flexible schedule to minimise any impact on their existing academic commitments. We will announce more details closer to date. The teams at AIU and ProjectSet (, our UK-based partner, will provide onboarding and ongoing support to the students. The contact email addresses for any queries are and

The registration of international students on Anveshan is now open and the students have the opportunity to register till 20th October, 2023. To register online at The attached leaflet explains the registration process in detail.