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Neelain Journal of Graduate Studies (GCNU Journal ISSN: 1858-6228 GCNU Journal GCNU Journal is a monthly scientific refereed journal issued by the graduate college of Neelain University. The journal accepts for publication original researches, review articles and brief communication letters in Arabic or English languages. Fields of publication The journal accepts articles in all fields of basic and applied sciences, humanities and educational studies. Publication steps Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft office word format to the email The manuscript along with a copy of the financial receipt for publishing fees, originality form, conflict of interest form, and ethical approval should be attached (When applied). Upon receipt of manuscript, the editorial secretary will respond to the email within 72 hours and notify the corresponding author with the serial number of the article. The serial number is a special and unique number for the article and should be used for all further communications. Please refrain from resending the article unless requested by the editorial secretary or in the absence of confirmation email after 72 working hours. The editorial board will send the article to two specialized reviewers. The corresponding author will be notified soon following the reviewing process with acceptance, rejection or corrections need to be done to the manuscript. Publishing fees The publishing fees of 20,000 SDG (50 USD for foreigners) must be paid to the Workers National Bank (WNB) account of the graduate college after receiving a payment permission from the registration office of the graduate college The scientific papers and published articles express the opinion of their authors, and do not necessarily represent the point of view of the journal or the institutions that publish it. The journal is not obligated to publish all scientific papers or book reviews it receives, and does not commit to return it to its authors. • To inquire, email us at:

The submitted manuscript must not have been previously published, accepted for publication, or has been submitted for publication to any other journal. The journal will review all articles submitted for publication, and in the event that any plagiarism is found at a rate of more than 20%, the paper will be withdrawn immediately and the authors will bear all consequences according to the rules and ethics of scientific publishing at the University. The corresponding author must explain that he has addressed all authors and that he obtained their agreement to publish the paper in its final submitted form. The researcher shall write in Arabic and English on a separate page, the title of the study, the name of the author (s), their full affiliations and contact e-mail. The researcher must attach an abstract in both Arabic and English for his/her research with no more than 400 words each. When writing in Arabic, the font (Sakkal Majalla) is used as follows: Title: Size (16), centered, and bold Author's name: Size (14) and bold followed by the author’s affiliations Key words: Size (14) Text: Size (14) Sub-titles: Should be short and clearly defined in bold. When writing in English, the Times New Roman font is used as follows: Title: Size (14), centered and bold Authors: Size (12) and bold followed by the author’s affiliations Keywords: Size (12) Text: Size (12) Sub-titles: Should be short and clearly defined in bold. The figures, shapes, maps and graphs must be of high quality and clarity, and heavy shading must be avoided. • Tables and figures must be numbered sequentially and separately, with a short title for each of them being written above the table and below the figure, and the source must be written clearly in the event that the shape or table is quoted. • The size of the study should not exceed (6000) words printed on A4 size paper using Microsoft Word, and with a single space between the lines, along the lines from the left and right and leave wide margins (the standard number of pages is 15 sheets). • Harvard APA method of documenting references and citation must be used. The original scientific paper is arranged according to the following: Title page, abstract, introduction, importance, objectives, method, results and discussion, and references).

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