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Faculties News

Secretariat of Scientific Affairs is concerned with monitoring the development and improvement of the quality of the academic performance of the faculties and other academic units of Al-Neelain University. This is planned to be attained through the following:

  • Maintaining the excellent quality of students admitted to the university and facilitating their registration procedures.
  • Participating in the preparation and implementation of well-developed academic curricula that satisfy the required outputs.
  • Issuing and authenticating certificates for graduates, and others certificates and official papers required by students.

All this is done in collaboration with university councils and administrations of faculties. In addition, Secretariat of Scientific Affairs implements the university plan for training the academic staff through postgraduate scholarships and short courses ,and for training and upgrading technicians inside Sudan and abroad. The Secretariat also implements training and upgrading programs for non-academic staff and other workers. All this is done through providing excellent quality postgraduate studies and advanced continual training. Thus, as can be seen from the above activities and responsibilities, Secretariat of Scientific Affairs aims at offering services to the University community by creating a culture of academic excellence that embraces diversity, collaboration, innovation and integrity, and enhances social ,cultural and economic qualities.

Secretary of Scientific Affairs