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Statistical analysis is a component of data analysis. It, typically involves collecting, scrutinizing and making sense of data from small number of units (called the sample) which is typically drawn from a larger set of similar units (called the population). The results that are reached at from the sample could be very reliable if the sample is representative of the population.
The department of analysis is responsible for analyzing the data received from the data department, we use a wide range of statistical methods ( form the simplest descriptive statistics such as means and proportions up to the most complex statistical methods like multilevel modelling). The department have conducted several studies, in addition the department is holding regularly training programs for Junior statisticians and recent graduates of statistic departments.

  • Describe the nature of the data to be analyzed.
  • Explore data relation to the underlying population.
  • Create a model that summarize understanding of how the data relates to the underlying population.
  • Prove (or disprove) the validity of the model.
  • Employ predictive analysis to run scenarios that will help guide future actions.

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