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Statistical System Administration is one of the recently-established departments at Al-Neelain University, which was established in 2017. The Administration's duties and responsibilities include providing statistics and information on all administrative, financial and academic activities at the University, as well as preparing statistical evidence and periodic reports on all the University activities that serve the decision makers by providing an information base according to which senior management makes decisions, and conducting statistical and analytical studies that serve the institutions of the University in various fields.

The Administration consists of: the Manager of the Administration, secretariat and three sections:

 Data section: which emphasizes on data collection, editing, coding and data entr .Analysis section: which prepares the data for analysis and implements the analysis. The section also participates in the analysis process in any special studies required by the University or the Ministry of Higher Education .Reports and Outputs section: the section's task to write reports on the analysis results and to provide appropriate statistics (such as indicators) in the University electronic system to be available to the University administration and the Ministry of Higher Education.


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