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To make Al-Neelain University academically and culturally attractive university in terms of knowledge, research activities, and enlightenment locally, regionally and internationally.


The creation of University community open to the public and academic community; Promoting the exchange of experiences; and encouraging cultural interaction between the University and its local and international environments.


  1. Contributing, through cultural relations, in the realization of implementing the University's vision, mission and objectives so as to remain in the forefront with international reputable universities in all educational and research fields.
  2. Promoting the standards of participation in cultural weeks and international exhibitions.
  3. Consolidating contacts and cultural relations between Al- Neelain University and other universities through active joint participations in scientific and cultural committees.
  4. Reviving and activating mutual agreements and joint scientific and cultural cooperation between Al- Neelain University and other universities as well as setting plans for various fields of cooperation and renewing mutual agreements.
  5. Setting plans for mutual cooperation and establishing regional and international links to benefit from world experiences and to enrich their efforts with Al- Neelain University distinguished contributions.
  6. Active participation in competitions for scientific awards and certified patents.