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This Department is the real lab where the library holdings are processed through effective scientific technique aiming to arrange the available knowledge resources in a precise and disciplined style to make it easy to refer to and use. It carries out the technical processing for all the University Libraries materials such as both types of indexing, classification, cataloguing and abstraction; to achieve this goal, it uses the following groups of the universal adjustment tools:
1.    Anglo-American Descriptive Cataloguing Rules.
2.    The menu of the Arab Subjects Heads and the Menu of the subjects Heads of the American Congress Library.
3.    Dewey Decimal Classification Plan.  


    Carries out processing work to organize the information sources as per the appropriate scientific procedures.
    Sets workflow plan and choose classification code based on Dewey Decimal Classification and according to Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules and the International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD).
    Adjusts quality and auditing.
    Submits to the library management, regular monthly reports on the progress of the department work.  
    Trains the new graduates of the Library and Information on the technical processes in the Department.
    Cataloguing Section in the Department, performs the following technical processes on the information sourcse:
1.    Descriptive Indexing:
Describes the material entity or the physical features of the information sources through a range of data that determines the source identity and distinguishes it from other sources; examples of such data are the author name, head and edition, publishing place, publisher, publishing date, number of the pages, volume of the source and series, changes or remarks as well as the international standard book number (ISBN). These data are called (Bibliographic Data) and are prepared by the library indexers who depend on a range of international rules and techniques Like the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.
2.    Thematic Indexing:
Focuses on the intellectual or substantive content of the information source; i.e. specifies the subject/s the source is talking about and then chooses expressive term/s under which the entries of all the materials dealing with such a subject can be stated. In choosing the subjects heads, the indexers depend on the following menus called (Bibliographic Control Tools): Subjects heads menu of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science, Shaban Abdulaziz Khalifa menu for Arab groups and the American Congress library subjects heads menu of the English groups.    
3.    Classification:
Keeping the books talking about certain topic in the same place and arrange them based on each book symbols attached to it according to its subject. In this regard, the library applies Dewey Decimal Classification plan.  
4.    Cataloguing:
Analyzing the substantive contents of the information sources aiming to show the themes contained.    
5.    Abstraction:
Drafting an accurate and abbreviated presentation for the contents of the university thesis accompanied by a bibliographic description. Such presentation can make it unnecessary to refer to the thesis. Abstraction is one of the techniques of the documentary analysis.


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