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The Department composed of 10 members as teaching staff include professor, associated professor, Assistant professors, lecturers and teaching assistances they teach the theory and practice and supervising the researches of the BSC program and Master program of Medical Microbiology ,and the graduation of the first batch in specialty of Medical Microbiology was in 2002.
The Department of medical Microbiology teach the following: Bacteriology, Mycology and Virology and In all those science student studying species with medical significance, and the related diseases , by isolation, and the methods of laboratory diagnosis and testing the antibiotics, and also deals with the epidemiology of these diseases and control.


     Teaching of all new methods adopted in the diagnosis of infections and Diseases and participate in the existing research and projects that develop the vaccines to help in fighting these diseases.

Student is awarded the degree with honors Bachelr’s in Medical Laboratory Science in specialty of Medical microbiology, classified according to academic estimates obtained by the student during the years of the study.

The postgraduate students award the Master's degree in medical laboratory science in specialty of Medical Microbiology or Doctorate degree with certain Specialization.

BSC honors degree categorized into: -
1 –B.Sc. degree with First Class Honors.
2 – B.Sc. degree with second class honor (division I).
3 – B.Sc. degree with second class honors (division II).
4 – B.Sc.  degree with third class honor  .

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