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The faculty of physiotherapy aims to achieve excellence in education, training, service and research that is appropriate to the needs of the Sudan, and region, to improve health- locally, nationally, and globally. We do this by educating the leading physiotherapist of tomorrow, generating new knowledge through research and empowering all members of our community.



The faculty of physiotherapy at AlNeelain University will strive to provide Access to quality physiotherapy and optimal health care for all people in the Sudan, and the whole region, when and where required. It will be distinguished for preparing graduates who achieve excellence in their chosen fields and who demonstrate an extraordinary compassion and commitment to the service of others


1.    Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical basis of physical therapy.
2.    Demonstrate clinical competency in evaluation, treatment planning and implementation.
3.    Integrate knowledge of basic sciences and physical therapy in order to modify treatment approaches that reflect the width and scope of physical therapy practice. 
4.    Integrate the use of basic principles of research in critical analysis on concepts and findings.
5.    Actively recognize the rights and dignity of individuals in planning and administering programs of care.
6.    Identify with and contribute to the aims and ideals of the profession.
7.    Function as competent physical therapy in any health care setting.
8.    Demonstrate command of knowledge which is necessary to function as an independent problem solver and learner in the practice environment.
9.    Practice in an ethical and legal manner.