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Faculties News

      It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Nursing Science in Al Neelain University, Sudan. Our Faculty offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that prepare students for an exciting career in the health professions. The School of Nursing Science was established in 2002, as part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. In 2013 was upgraded to become the Faculty of Nursing Science. Now our Faculty is home to numerous graduate and postgraduate programs.  Our students have also grown more in number and diversity with a considerable number of internationals students.
In our Nursing Faculty, we are committed to improving the health and quality of life of humanity by providing a Faculty who are committed to delivering high quality learning opportunities for students. The staff is skilled practitioners who constantly strive for new ways to foster student learning and are respected in the community for their teaching, research, and service
The students are given scope to show their talent and brilliance, and are given a lot of support to help them succeed and thrive; this is because our programs are taught using the modified semester system, where 60% of the teaching time is spent in intensive clinical internships in general,and specialized hospitals in addition to community centers.
Alongside are the co-curricular activities. We seek to provide an environment where the students can study, meet with friends, share meals, have offices of student organizations, join students clubs and participate in sports and extracurricular activities.
My message to the students, as a nurse, on your path through, your role may be clinical practitioner, administrator, teacher or researcher.  You may practice in many settings, hospital, home, clinics, industry, to name just a few. You may also pursue postgraduate education. Let no obstacle and be on your way.


        Dr. Safaa Abdelhameed Medani
Associate Professor- Department of Pediatric
Faculty of medicine – Al-Neelain University
                Dean of Faculty