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The department of anaesthesia and critical care medicine established by the late professor Ali Ahmed Salama in 1998 .

The aim of this course is to graduate students with sound knowledge in anaesthesia practice, and to make them understand the roles of the anaesthetist in the perioperative care, intensive care, acute & chronic pain management and in the resuscitation of critically ill patients, trauma patient & obstetric patient.

i.Evaluate the patient and be able to draw conclusions regarding fitness for surgery based on such an evaluation.
ii. describe the basic pharmacology of drugs commonly administered by anaesthetist for the purpose of anaesthesia, analgesia and muscle relaxation.
iii. Describe the underlying principles and practical aspects of the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia as well as maintenance of vital organ functions in patient undergoing surgical procedure.
iv. describe the pathogenesis and principles of management of acute respiratory, circulatory and cardiovascular problems commonly encountered by anaesthetist and intensive care physician in the operating theatre and ICU
•    Skills:
•    Perform proper preoperative clinical assessment.
•      Maintain the airway of an unconscious patient.
•    Insert an intravenous line.
•    Perform family &patient counseling and to be aware of the moral ethical responsibilities towards the patient.
•    Communicate with other colleagues who are taking care of the same patient so they can work as a team to provide better health service.
•    Attitude:
         Awareness of personal limitations& willingness to seek help from seniors.
•    Develop appropriate lifelong learning skills.
•    Understand the importance of cost effective use of resources.

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