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The diseases of the ear , nose and throat are very prevalent in Sudan , specially the chronic ear diseases and the different types of cancer, e.g the nasopharyngeal carcinoma is the commonest head and neck cancer, so exposure to sufficient ENT practice is essential as well as deal with emergency situations related to ENT. The course covers  ENT diseases and entails :
•    History taking.
•     Clinical examination.
•    Investigation.
•    Management.
•    Follow up.


By the end of this course the student should be able to:
1-    List important ENT problems
2-    Discus causes and management of upper airway obstruction
3-    Explain & show the importance of tracheostomy
4-    Discuss causes and management of epistaxis
5-    Explain nasal allergy and sinuses
6-    Identify types of otitis externa
7-    Discuss  acute & chronic otitis media, and Explain hearing loss
8-    Discuss nasopharyngeal carcinoma
9-    Dicuss laryngeal tumours
10-    Discuss  nasosinus tumours
11-    Discuss adenotonsilitis
12-    Identify different types of foreign bodies in ENT


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