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Recently Research is highly regarded on all levels, and developed nations have used this as a fundamental pillar in expanding their knowledge, in settling societal problems and applying solutions. Moreover, it serves in building individuals’ capabilities as well as accountability so that community development and human development is always renewed.

Therefore, the Al-Neelain University has made the development of scientific research the very core of its strategy with the aim of developing its faculty members and spreading the culture of research in society. Consequently, they can contribute to community and economic development that can be witnessed across the nation.

The Deanship of Scientific Research contributes through its specialized units as well as across various projects and initiatives. Such activities cultivate research within the university with the support of both material and morale.

The Deanship intends to make each of its initiatives and services part of the core strategy of Al-Neelain University in encouraging scientific research. It serves to strengthen partnerships with local institutions to meet the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Dean of Scientific Research