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Represents the link between the recipients and information sources of the libraries. Thus it endeavors to offer the recipients effective and fast services to enable them to access the information sources that fulfill their requirements accurately, promptly and with least possible effort.

Main Services offered and supervised by the Department:
1.    Secondment of Information Sources
In accordance with specific guidelines and measures, the department provides during the work hours, internal secondment for the recipients in general and external secondment for the teaching staff in particular.  
2.    Ongoing Briefing
a.    Ongoing Notification: The recipients are notified with the new received information sources through menus or show such sources and images of the new books covers in an obvious place within the library for a certain period.
b.    Selective Dissemination of Information: Disseminating the menus through SMS or email to update the recipients with the recent developments in the fields of their interests and with the new library materials and information sources.
c.    Training of the Recipients: Through workshops about how to use the library and the library regulations & its working hours, lectures, seminars, and introductory rounds inside the libraries. Use the board, email, and publishing in the University website to announce about the aforementioned events. Also through issuing and distributing dedicated bulletins, indicative publications, indicators, detectors and manuals.  
d.    Carrying out annual exhibitions for Arab publishing houses aiming among other objectives to nourish the libraries.             
3.    Imaging and Copying
One of the main services the department carries out, as it enables making use from the various information sources like imaging the rare books to provide the libraries with and copying pages from books, journals or essays by the recipients at low cost, …etc.   
4.    Maintenance and Binding
The Maintenance and Binding Unit in the library has been developed and supplied with the required qualified manpower and equipments to renovate and maintain the books, theses, journals, …etc.


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