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Faculties News

Study System:

The Faculty adopts the semester system, and the honorary degree is awarded in eight semesters after completion of the credit hours for each department. The following table shows the credit hours required for each department of the Faculty to award the honor degree.


Credit hours

Arabic language

162 hours
Geography 165 hours
History 160 hours
Philosophy 164 hours
Libraries and information

162 hours

English Language

162 hours

Psychology 182 hours
Islamic Studies

162 hours

French language

168 hours


160 hours

Faculty Council:

Faculty Council is the head of the administrative pyramid in the Faculty, it consists of the Dean, heads of departments and directors of research centers, Faculty staff members with the professorship degree, and the academic and administrative registrars. The Faculty Council has a number of tasks, including:

1. Setting ways to develop the Faculty.
2. Proposing curricula, text books and reference books for each department.
3. Drafting the budget of the Faculty.
4. Planning for the management of Faculty human resources.
5. Approving the annual report of the activities of the Faculty.
6. The Council may study and propose any matters that would improve the functioning of the Faculty and encourage the achievement of its objectives.