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To be a leading university in offering distinguished postgraduate studies in Africa and the Arab region. To link the programs and research the University offers with the requirements of sustainable development, and participate in the creation of developed and advanced Sudanese Nation.



Providing a variety of high quality postgraduate programmes and research in all specializations and disciplines, with high quality, in accordance with international standards and with values derived from Sudanese culture. And embracing modern concepts and nurturing research environment, with the aim of raising the competence of postgraduate students to high standards that would enable them to undertake the responsibility of work and interaction with the society at both national and international levels, aiming at fulfilling the needs and requirements for development.



  • The establishment and development of the university's policies in the field of graduate studies and training.
  • Develop and coordinate overlapping research for all disciplines of Graduate Studies and cooperation with institutions and centers of research inside and outside the university to achieve this goal.
  • Qualifying graduate students in different disciplines and empower them with necessary skills and qualifications.
  • Keeping, indexing and distribution of thesis and dissertations to the concerned units.
  • Publishing thesis and dissertations approved by the specialized boards of the Graduate College.