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Mathematical modeling is one of the modern branches of applied mathematics. Mathematical models are used in many fields such as natural sciences and engineering disciplines (physics, biology, electrical engineering, etc.) and also in social sciences (e.g. economics, sociology, political science, etc.).

    Section Vision

Promote knowledge of mathematical modeling and contribute to its application in community service.

    Section Mission

Preparing a distinguished graduate, providing a good database and applications for graduates according to modern technologies.

    Fields of work of graduates of the department

            1- Educational institutions

            2- Organizations, bodies, companies and banks

            3. Industrial establishments

Preparation of specialists in mathematical modeling to work in the fields of scientific research and sectors related to applied scientific aspects.

 Providing distinguished academic programs in line with international standards of academic quality.

The department awards in mathematical modeling:

     Bachelor's degree in four years
     Bachelor of Honors in five years

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