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All institutions (private and public) that collect data on their work need a statistician to summarize these data and extract various indicators and information that help to understand the situation and make appropriate future decisions in the light of the statistical analysis.

Section Vision

Qualified statisticians with advanced qualification and excellent statistical research.

Section Mission

Providing excellent statistical programs and keeping pace with the latest developments in statistics to provide qualified statistical cadres able to use statistical methods and skills. And the functioning of scientific research and dissemination of statistical knowledge in the community.

1. Preparing graduates specialized in statistical sciences to contribute to the analysis and financial, economic, insurance, banking, investment and other developmental programs.

2. Qualifying graduates for the degree of fellowship from the global statistical institutions to establish and support the study of statistical sciences in Sudan.

3. To establish partnerships with international scientific and professional institutions in the field of statistical sciences and cooperate with them in order to extend their services to the local community.

The department awards:

     Bachelor's degree in four years

     Bachelor's degree with honors in five years

     Higher Diploma

     Master's degree

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