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Electronics is one of the most modern disciplines in the world, and directly affects the ability of our country to catch up with technology, this discipline enables students to specialize in applied physics related to electronics. The researcher is concerned with the physical properties of the materials used in the electronic circuits and how to modify and model them, and this does not prevent the student from a reasonable level of some courses of analysis and design of electronic circuits to be able to master dealing with such departments.
The strength of this specialization lies in the production of a mindset familiar with the characteristics of scientific research related to the field of electronics, as well as having the application technologies through acquired skills in the field of electronics, as well as the importance of the technological development related to manufacturing in the field of electronics, providing a scientific background that is the cornerstone of such industries Which our country needs for industrial gate technology in the field of electronics.
The department was established in 1997 under the name of the Department of Electronics and after the establishment of the School of Physics and Applied Physics, the department transformed its name to the Department of Electronics and Computerization of Physics and now became department of electronics' physics and computerization of physics after the abolition of the system of the schools.

In order to achieve its vision and mission, the department seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1. To develop plans and programs in the field of electronics that meet the international standards and adopt the method of continuous development of study programs and research.
2. To prepare and qualify graduates capable of dealing with the requirements of scientific research, thinking, analysis and application of the work of high professionalism in the field of electronics and its application.
3. To contribute to the provision of real society requirements in the field of electronics and excellence in community service.

The Department presents the teaching curricula that qualify students to obtain the following degrees:

1. Bachelor of Honors in Applied Physics (Electronics).

2. Technical Diploma in Electronics Technology.

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