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Faculties News

Based on the University's vision of the importance of communication and information technology in the development and strengthening of educational institutions, the University sdministration has established an ICT Administration to employ, use and keep up with the technological development in the administrative and academic processes at the University.
Since its early days, the Administration has launched a number of important technical projects within the University, such as the establishment of a central website for the University at: which contains all the scientific and administrative requirements, colleges news, research centers and scientific departments of the University, and the e-library project, which includes all abstracts of theses completed inside the University since its establishment.
As well as the continued development of accounting systems at the University such as budget system, salaries and academic systems such as the system of the repositoryof open source materials, as well as the system of exams results and services of University students, and the system of scientific journals, and administrative systems such as personnel affairs system, student registration system, and electronic communications system.