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Faculties News

Al-Neelain Institute for Humanitarian, Economic and Legal Studies was established as Academic initiative and intellectual research body affiliated to Al-Neelain University.

Institute Units:

The institute, currently, comprises integrated research systems, consisting of several specialized research centers which are interested in studying the various humanitarian, economic, social, political, cultural and legal issues related to the history and reality and the future of Sudan's and its people:

- The Center of Nile Basin Studies.

- Dialogue of Civilizations Center.

- Center of Law Research and Anti-corruption.

- Public policy and sustainable development management center.

- Future Science and Strategic Studies Center.

- The center of trade, finance and general studies.

- Centre for Open Society Studies.

- Statistical and Demographic Studies research Center.

- Crime Research Center.

- Commercial Law Research Center.

- Violence and extremism Research Center.

- Al-Neelain Center for Research and Studies and the intellectual construction.

Research approaches and key issues:

- Sudanese civilizations.

- Cultural and community dialogue, identity and management of cultural diversity.

- Water, economy, society and politics in the Nile Basin countries and beyond.

- Good governance, human rights and the fight against corruption.

- National general economic, social and cultural policies.

- The international objectives of sustainable development, especially poverty issues, agriculture and food security, education, health, infrastructure, and women and children.

- International trade, investment and economic relations.

- Violence and extremism, and community and social peace.

- Intellectual construction and Islamic moderation.

- Higher Education and strategic planning.

- Peace and development.

- Islamic history and heritage.