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Al-Neelain University organizes Celebration of Eid Al Fitr


Al-Neelain University organized Celebration of Eid Al Fitr on Sunday, July 10, 2016. The celebration was arranged by Workers Union in collaboration with both Services Administration and Public Relations Administration. The ceremony was attended by members of Al-Neelain University top management including;  Vice-Chancellor Prof. Muhammed El Amin Ahmed, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tariq Abbas, Principal Prof. Elhadi Adam, deans of faculties, a large number of faculty members, and admin staff.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Muhammed El Amin Ahmed congratulated all the University community on this occasion. He, then, spoke about the current prosperous situation of the university at this time, referring that the University witnessed a great expansion during the last period driven by the hard work which the University community members have done together in various fields. The NU Vice-Chancellor mentioned that Al-Neelain University will celebrate its Silver Jubilee after two years completing 25 years of empowering knowledge and contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of Sudan.

Prof. Muhammed El-Amin Ahmed pointed out that the next year will witness the completion of approximately fifty percent of the planned projects which are aimed at improving the educational atmospheres and bringing more facilities to the University environment.

It is worth mentioning that Celebration of Eid Al Fitr is an official gathering in which all NU staff exchange best wishes for each other on this occasion.