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NU Vice-Chancellor signs significant agreements with prestigious British Universities


On Wednesday 04 May 2016, NU Vice-Chancellor Professor Mohammed El-Amin Ahmed signed a significant agreement with four prestigious British universities. The purpose of this agreement is to further promote successful international collaboration, cooperation in joint scientific research, exchange of professors and students, the adoption of the Joint Certificates, and scholarships for different university education's stages. The agreement also included the activation of Credit Transfer System, which is a global system that most international universities tend to deal with. Furthermore, according to the agreement, Al-Neelain University students can study their last year at these British universities and graduate from. The agreement will also allow students of British Universities to study their last year at Al-Neelain University or its Branch in Istanbul and graduate from it.

Professor Muhammad El-Amin Ahmed stated that the academic fields provided now according to this agreement include: Law; Health Sciences (i.e.  Medicine, Dentistry and Physiotherapy and Forensic Medicine and Pharmacy); Engineering; Computer; Arts and different departments of Literature, Economics, and Islamic finance. NU Vice-Chancellor pointed out that this agreement is considered a huge step towards openness to the world which is one of the most ambitious objectives of the University.