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Administration of Cultural Relations organizes Iftar for the University's foreign students


Administration of Cultural Relations organized, on the 14th day of Ramadan: June 20, 2016, its first Annual Iftar for foreign students studying at the University at the courtyard of Faculty of Economic and Social Studies. The Iftar was attended by students accompanied by their families, representing nine sister countries including;  Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, the Comoros, Somalia, Chad, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Libya. The target students attended the Iftar are Studying at different faculties in the level of Bachelor and Postgraduate studies.

The Iftar was honored by the participation of Dr. Rasheed El Bili - Dean of Students' Affairs - as a representative of the University’s Vice-Chancellor in the presence of a number of University deans, many faculties’ professors, and the Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy in Khartoum.

Dr. Rasheed El Bili welcomed the attendees and their families and said that (we are dealing with foreign students the same way we treat the Sudanese students so that they can feel they are in their second home). The head of cultural relations administration, Dr. Siddig Tawor, had, then, talked to the attendees emphasizing the importance of social programs in strengthening closer ties between students. He said that such programs result in familiarity and acquaintance between students and enhance the cultural linkages among them. In his speech, the representative of foreign students said that they have never felt like strangers or alienated‎ since they arrived Sudan and lived amid Sudanese families and friends. He, then, gave his thanks on behalf of all the foreign students to Al-Neelain University for the care and the good treatment given to them and, in particular, for holding such important social programs that increase the consolidation of relations between all students.

It’s worth mentioning that the Administration of Cultural Relations is a newly established administration within the university, and it prepares to organize many similar programs and activities in the coming period.