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Al-Neelain Medical Journal is a scientific medical journal that deals with sound scientific research in both Arabic and English, in basic and clinical medical sciences as well as retrospective, background and scientific studies, short communications and scientific discourse sent to the editorial board. The Journal also includes other sections such as medical news and the abstracts of international scientific journals. The Journal was founded in 2010 by the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Neelain University under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed El-Tayeb Mohamed, the then-University vice-chancellor, and Prof. Mohamed Said, deputy vice-chancellor. The Journal is published on a quarterly basis and supervised by a professional medical staff headed by Prof. Ahmed Kamal Bolad, with an advisory body by doctors and consultants in Sudan headed by Prof. Othman Mahmoud and Prof. Ahmed Mohammedani from the Al Gazira University,  and Professor Mohammed Amin, Dean of Scientific Research at the Al-Neelain University, and Professor Hassan Abu Aisha from Al Moghtribeen University, and Prof. Imad Fadl Al Mawla from Al-Neelain University, and Prof. Bakri Osman Saeed, Sudan International University. The Advisory Board of the Journal includes also Professor Corradine of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland and Issa Nabi of the University of Quadduko, Burkina Faso.