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First International Conference on the Rooting of Economic and Financial Sciences

Under the slogan:

"Towards an Effective Partnership between Higher Education Institutions and Islamic Finance and Insurance Institutions"

  1. Defining economic and financial sciences in terms of concepts, principles and procedures.
  2. Enhancing the ethics of economic and financial professions and rooting the values ​​of practice in the related fields.
  3. Providing a comprehensive vision of rooting approaches of the economic and financial sciences.
  4. Rooting of the economic and financial sciences approaches.
  5. Presenting scientific and practical examples in the field of rooting through studying and analysis of experiences.
  6. Identifying the problems and obstacles that impede rooting of economic and financial sciences.
  7. Developing models for partnership between higher education institutions and economic and financial institutions.
  8. Encouraging authoring and translation in the field of economic sciences associated with the calling for publishing and distribution centers in order to support this orientation.